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A Community that cares is a Luxury worth Celebrating...

PINC is dedicated to aiding those individuals most in need of a helping hand.

Register for our community events  and help make a necessary change in our community. 

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate. Every bit of help goes a long way in building our community that cares. 

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"PINC strives to set itself apart in every undertaking, by drawing upon the compassion, energy and unwavering support of young women who have developed an intimate understanding of their community and its needs."

 PINC Contributor

Get Involved

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Luxe for Life

We are always looking for volunteers for our events and community projects. Our Luxe for Life Event coming up in November is a great way to get involved. 

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PINC Community

We are always out and about in our community and always looking for new and innovative ways to further our community involvement. If you want to join us or you have ideas of how we can get involved, please let us know. 

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PINC Sacramento

Without the generous support of our local businesses, family and friends, we would not be able to continue to help those most in need in our community. If you want o donate to our causes, please click below. 

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Join Us

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