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Group Photo of PINC members


Philanthropy Inspired by the Needs of our Community (PINC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those individuals most in need of a helping hand. PINC, founded in 2008 in the Central Valley, is made up of service-oriented young women; each of whom recognizes that the charitable needs of our community are constantly evolving. Therefore, the organization’s members devote time and resources to raise money and provide volunteers for other local non-profits. Every year PINC organizes and hosts its signature fundraising event benefiting a pre-designated charity that is presented and voted upon by its members. A high degree of dedication and commitment is required to ensure each is a resounding success.

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Margot Hunt – President

Melissa DeNigris – Treasurer

Rena Zellars – Director of Operations

Marisol Turpen – Vice President & Secretary




Katie Honore – Sponsorship Committee Chair

Ida Dharnidharka- Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair

Erin Wilgus – Auction Committee Chair

Ashley Huizar – Auction Committee Member 

Lauren Schmitt – Auction Committee Member

Gina Barsotti – Creative Committee & Hospitality Co-Chair

Cathy Johnston – Creative Committee & Hospitality Co-Chair

Rachel Henderson – Social Media Chair

Kelsey Khov – Service Project Committee Co-Chair

Sarah Deelstra – Service Project Committee Co-Chair


PINC was founded with the goal of creating events that will inspire the next generation to consider philanthropic giving in a new light. Our goal is to step outside of the box and carefully craft a unique fundraiser each time; one that will fit the objectives for the specific non-profit for which we are raising funds.  

Venue table at pinc event
Our Mission
PINC volunteers


PINC strives to set itself apart in every undertaking, by drawing upon the compassion, energy and unwavering support of young women who have developed an intimate understanding of their community and its needs.

We Need Your Support Today!

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